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The Patent Office of the People's Republic of China grants Ypsicon's UHPH patent

The Patent Office of the People's Republic of China has granted Ypsicon's UHPH patent (Application Nº 201180041240.0: Continuous System and procedure of sterilization and physical stabilization of pumpable fluids by means of ultra-high pressure homogenization). From now on, Ypsicon becomes the only company able to offer in the Asian giant solutions and equipment based on this new technology of simultaneous sterilization-homogenization of beverages, liquid foodstuffs and pumpable fluids.

The granting of this patent is an important milestone in the evolution of UHPH, ensuring Ypsicon the exclusive commercial exploitation of this technology in one of the world's largest markets, with more than 1.3 billion consumers and an increasing demand for beverage and liquid food processing equipment.

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