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Sterilization and homogenization by means of continuous ultra-high pressure, also known as UHPH, is an innovative patented technology that, among other important applications, allows the simultaneous sterilization and homogenization of beverages and other liquid products without causing any damage to their original properties.


The complete UHPH system is essentially made up of heat exchangers that allow the preheating of the product in order to precondition it, facilitating the subsequent UHPH treatment, an ultra-high pressure homogenizer, composed of ultra-high pressure pump and ultra-homogenization valve, and a cooling system to instantly cool down the fluid after UHPH processing.

The complete UHPH process includes THE FOLLOWING STEPS

  • First of all, the UHPH system is sterilized.
  • This is followed by the treatment of the fluid (beverage, liquid foodstuff, pharmaceutical or cosmetic product) by taking it from a storage tank to a heat exchanger, where it can be preheated at different temperatures, from room temperature up to 90 degrees centigrade, in order to condition the product previously to the ultra-high pressure processing. It is also possible to pump the product at cool temperature directly from the storage tank to the ultra-high pressure homogenizer. The parameters of inlet temperature, pressure, and outlet temperature, must be evaluated depending on the type of product and the desired results.
  • When the product reaches the ultra-high pressure homogenizer, an ultra-high pressure pump pumps the product to the valve, at a pressure around 3500 bar. The physical forces of friction, shear, cavitation, turbulence and impact that take place at the special valve designed by Ypsicon cause the destruction of microorganisms and the reduction of particle size, allowing the obtention of a physically stable, commercially sterile product with long shelf life at room temperature.  UHPH preserves the original properties of the product, because the exposure time to the temperature peak at the valve is less than 0.2 seconds, which explains the lack of thermal effect on the product.
  • After the simultaneous sterilization and homogenization of the product by means of UHPH, the product is instantly cooled down in a temperature exchange system and sent to an aseptic tank for subsequent aseptic packaging in PET, polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene, brik, glass, or any other package that preserves the sterility of the product.

UHPH's power consumption is lower than other processing technologies currently used by the beverage industry (Power consumption approximately 50% lower than HPP or high hydrostatic pressure) and UHPH technology can offer processing capacities up to 50.000 liters / hour based on modular systems.  

The innovative nature of UHPH technology developed and patented by Ypsicon is based on the design of a complete system that includes all the necessary steps for a continuous high pressure–based sterilization and homogenization of liquid products while avoiding any heat damage to processed products, as well as on the special design of the ultra-homogenization valve developed by Ypsicon. 

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