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All technologies developed, patented and commercialized by Ypsicon have the same objective: To provide solutions applicable on an industrial-scale in order to obtain high value-added beverages, liquid foodstuffs, as well as pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, guaranteeing a long shelf-life and safety  for human consumption, while at the same time preserving or even improving their original properties. Ypsicon’s technologies also deliver  100% natural products that do not require preservatives or additives.

Ypsicon’s technologies have a wide range of potential applications in a variety of sectors, including food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors, and they also offer a wide range of possibilities for the development of new products.




Ypsicon’s technologies can be applied to the following sectors / products:


UHPH technology provides commercially sterile milk which is fit for human consumption and storable at room temperature, while at the same time preserving its nutritional properties. UHPH also offers great advantages for the elaboration of fresh cheese, because it increases water retention, allowing an important yield increase.

UHPH-processed milk reduces syneresis and allows the elaboration of a yogurt with a similar firmness to conventional yogurt, but without the need for milk powder addition. Thus, this application is of great interest for the dairy sector, which will simplify its production process and reduce its costs.

UV-Therm pasteurization permits milk pasteurization for refrigerated storage, generating less thermal damage than conventional pasteurization. UV-Therm also improves the nutritional properties of milk, because it increases vitamin D.

UV-C aseptic bottling provides versatile aseptic filling solutions, offering lower costs than conventional technologies, and also avoids the microbiological and chemical contamination of dairy products during the filling process.


UHPH offers commercially sterile fruit juices which can be stored at room temperature, while at the same time keeping their nutritional and sensory properties very similar to those of a fresh juice.  It also inactivates enzymes.

UV-Therm pasteurization is applicable for pasteurization of clarified fruit juices, while UV-C aseptic bottling permits a chemical-free aseptic filling process for fruit juices (No need of chemical products to sterilize bottles).


UHPH achieves excellent results on plant-based milks, such as tigernut milk, soy mik, rice milk and almond milk, among others, delivering stable and sterile products, with enhanced nutritional and sensory properties. UHPH eliminates beany flavor of soy milk, improving consumer acceptance. On the other hand, UV-C aseptic bottling makes possible an aseptic filling process of plant-based milks which does not use chemical products to sterilize bottles, delivering a 100% clean label vegetable milk.


UHPH inactivates molds and yeasts, among other microorganisms present in wine, stopping its alcoholic fermentation.  Thus, UHPH eliminates or reduces the need for sulfites in wine elaboration. UV-Therm pasteurization also offers a wide range of possibilities for the elaboration of wine without sulfites.


UHPH technology also offers a wide range of applications and new product development possibilities for pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Applications for these sectors include particle size reduction in skin-care creams, improving their stability and facilitating skin absorption, and encapsulation of medicines using a smaller amount of excipient, thereby facilitating the administration of medicines to patients.

On the other hand, UV-Therm pasteurization can also be applied to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products, such as sera, perfumes, and aromas, as well as for the hygienization of haematological fluids. Additionally,UV-C aseptic bottling permits the development of small scale aseptic filling solutions, adapted to high value-added products and small volumes.


Other liquid products that may benefit from UHPH are broths, soups and cold vegetable soups such as gazpacho. UHPH preserves their nutritional and sensory properties, delivering optimal quality and providing important competitive advantages.

UV-Therm pasteurization can also be applied to egg products, delivering higher microbial reduction than conventional pasteurization while always remaining below the egg coagulation temperature, and therefore preserving its functional features. Other potential applications of UV-Therm technology are:

  • Chemical-free water disinfection, applicable to water for human consumption, to water for the beverage industry, etc.
  • Hygienization or sterilization of drinks, such as soft-drinks, beer, etc.
  • To stop beer fermentation.
  • Hygienization or sterilization of syrups, vitamin fortified foodstuffs, aromas, perfumes, flavors, ingredients, chemical compounds, etc
  • Hygienization of honey and glucose solutions (Elimination of Clostridium botulinum spores).
  • Hygienization of blood fluids and sera for the pharmaceutical and food industries (addition of serum and plasma in foodstuffs as an ingredient).

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