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Other liquid products that may benefit from UHPH are broths, soups and cold vegetable soups such as gazpacho. UHPH preserves their nutritional and sensory properties, providing optimal quality and important competitive advantages.

UV-Therm pasteurization / sterilization can also be applied to egg products, delivering higher microbial reduction than conventional pasteurization while always remaining below the egg coagulation temperature, and therefore preserving its functional features. Other potential applications of UV-Therm technology are:

  • Chemical-free water disinfection, applicable to water for human consumption, to water for the beverage industry, etc.
  • Hygienization or sterilization of drinks, such as soft-drinks, beer, etc.
  • To stop beer fermentation.
  • Hygienization or sterilization of syrups, vitamin fortified foodstuffs, aromas, perfumes, flavors, ingredients, chemical compounds, etc
  • Hygienization of honey and glucose solutions (Elimination of Clostridium botulinum spores).
  • Hygienization of blood fluids and sera for the pharmaceutical and food industries (addition of serum and plasma in foodstuffs as an ingredient).

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