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The sterilization of bottles by means of germicidal ultraviolet light is an innovative patented technology commercialized by Ypsicon.


This technology permits the sterilization of the inner surface of bottles made of PET, polypropylene, high density polyethylene (HDPE) and glass, among others materials, using germicidal ultraviolet light. This allows an aseptic bottling process that avoids the use of chemical products in the sterilization of the bottles.


  • First of all, the inner surfaces of the bottles and caps are sterilized by the introduction of a U-shaped germicidal ultraviolet lamp.  Germicidal ultraviolet light permits the sterilization of caps, as well as the sterilization of the inner surface of bottles.
  • Immediately after, the beverage, liquid foodstuff, pharmaceutical or cosmetic product is aseptically filled, using an aseptic filling valve with no direct contact with the bottleneck.
  • Finally, the bottle is closed with a cap and sealed.

The entire process takes place in a sterile environment, guaranteed by a cabinet equipped with micro filtered laminar air flow, with positive pressure, that prevents the passage of contaminating particles. The inside of the cabinet is also equipped with ultraviolet lamps that help to maintain the asepsis of the cabinet interior and to prevent the contamination of the bottled product.

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