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UHPH technology provides commercially sterile milk which is fit for human consumption and storable at room temperature, while at the same time preserving its nutritional properties. UHPH also offers great advantages for the elaboration of fresh cheese, because it increases water retention, allowing an important yield increase.

UHPH-processed milk reduces syneresis and allows the elaboration of a yogurt with a similar firmness to conventional yogurt, but without the need for milk powder addition. Thus, this application is of great interest for the dairy sector, which will simplify its production process and reduce its costs.

UV-Therm pasteurization / sterilization permits milk pasteurization for refrigerated storage, generating less thermal damage than conventional pasteurization. UV-Therm also improves the nutritional properties of milk, because it increases vitamin D.

UV-C aseptic bottling delivers versatile aseptic filling solutions, offering lower costs than conventional technologies, and also avoids the microbiological and chemical contamination of dairy products during the filling process.

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