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UV-Therm pasteurization / sterilization is an innovative patented technology that combines thermal treatment at moderate temperatures with simultaneous ultraviolet treatment.

The synergies between the germicidal capacity of temperature and ultraviolet light type C allow reductions of microbial load which are equal to or higher than those obtained with conventional pasteurization, but these reductions are obtained with lower temperatures. Therefore, UV-Therm pasteurization / sterilization reduces thermal damage to the minimum in processed products.


UV-Therm is a system for the pasteurization or even sterilization of fluids; The system is essentially made up of a germicidal ultraviolet lamp, a chamber through which the fluid to be pasteurized or sterilized (beverage, liquid foodstuff, pharmaceutical product or other) circulates, and a double-shell heat exchanger through which a fluid circulates (usually re-heated water), allowing the product to be heated up or cooled down through indirect contact. The conditions to be applied will depend on the desired results.


The special design of the UV-Therm reactor guarantees that, besides the simultaneous exposure to temperature and UV light, the fluid to be pasteurized or sterilized circulates in a turbulent and non-laminar manner, which ensures that the entire fluid volume is subjected to the same treatment or UV-C and temperature dose. On the other hand, UV-Therm reactors permit the heating up of the product to be pasteurized simultaneously to the UV processing. This allows it to be fluidified and makes processing easier.

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