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Ypsicon successfully installs a UHPH line of new generation

Ypsicon successfully installs its new UHPH line model B, which has been designed and manufactured in the context of UHPH4FOOD Project. This line for the sterilization and homogenization of beverages and liquid foodstuffs by means of continuous ultra-high pressure, has a capacity of 132 liters / hour at 3500 bar of pressure, and is based on a new generation of Ypsicon's low cost, highly reliable ultra-high pressure homogenizers that can be scaled up to 10.000 liters / hour. With this new development, Ypsicon paves the way for the implementation of UHPH technology in the beverage industry.

UHPH4FOOD project is led by Ypsicon, coordinated by AZTI-Tecnalia and co-funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.

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